Hot whitey finally understands why many women love it black

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Submitted by carturent
Published on 25.12.2017
876 days ago

Maybe if she would squeeze his cock with her pussy she would come. That's how my ex-wife used to come. (Would look more exciting if this girl would squat ride his cock, facing the camera (us) and show us her face and whole front of her sexy body. With her pussy milking his cock. As this lady was filmed: "WIFE TAKES TURNS ON COCKS. DOUBLE CREAMPIE IN MOUTH. MILAFOX"

1106 days ago

"Whitey"? Uh, ok niggy. And this guy in particular has a small dong so what are you even bragging about

1108 days ago

His dick is smaller than mine! Lmao dumb fucking title has nothing to do with size at all or the color of the man

1527 days ago



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